This Blog

Why this blog and who writes it?

Hello! My name is Bob Miller. No, that’s not a pseudonym. Like a Jim Smith or a John Williams, I crash Red Cross laptops when I donate blood and I always have to provide my birthday, address, social security number and DNA sample when I call about a credit card charge or pick up a prescription from CVS. If you Google search the name you’ll see a lot of Bob Millers, but none of them are me. Certainly not this guy:

1955 Topps #157 - Bob Miller

My talents aren’t exactly in the sports world. (Nevertheless, Go Phils!)

Just like my name, I’m just an average normal guy. Nothing else.

I needed a place to put down all the thoughts and ideas and lessons learned, to keep them from echoing around in my head like some raucous noise. Since they’re my thoughts, dangled as it were, they’re a reflection of my heart. They’ll all come as though they were written by a 30-something man who loves Jesus and his family and wants nothing more than to serve them both honorably, in humility, truth, justice and mercy.


But why write a blog?

Partly because daily journaling didn’t satisfy everything I needed in expressing my thoughts. Partly because I love to write. But mostly it’s this. When I read other blogs, social media posts or even professional articles, there’s so often something wrong. Perhaps it’s major like an askewed paradigm or misunderstood foundation, or minor like a glaring hole that’s being missed.

When I was a teenager in the 90s I ran a well-known bulletin board system called Time-Out BBS and started a popular national message board similar to Usenet that linked many BBSs together. I was quick to engage in political and even biblical debate. I realized you can engineer with your intellect an air-tight argument, apply it good persuasive writing, and still not affect someone else’s perspective. I grew to dislike what vitriolic communication would do to a person’s heart and their relationships. And I realized that I, myself, had so much to learn. So I stopped, and never looked back. There is a place for it, but I loathe it and it’s not my calling.

That’s the antithesis of this blog. I simply want to dangle my thoughts out there about those glaring holes, misunderstood foundations, and askewed paradigms. I think there’s a voice of many people who just want to have a plain, down to earth awareness. That’s all.


Samuel and David

In my life, I’ve made mistakes and struggled with my own flaws. But I have always been close to the God who is so dear to me. And so everything I consider, every truth I seek, I weigh as best I can against the God I love, seeking the path that honors Him the most and the truth that is as absolute as I can understand. Since a young age, I have been strongly drawn to the character and godly relationship of Samuel and the purpose and heart of David. If I find myself too fearful or too tense or too anxious, I return in prayer to what Samuel said in person to God:

Speak, for Your servant is listening.


What’s in this blog?

Some of my opinions and views might be different than what you’d expect from someone who openly and freely calls himself an evangelical Christian. I don’t drink kool-aid and I won’t pull a party line. I hate pretense, false authenticity (it’s going around these days), intellectual posturing and anything less than the best effort for the Kingdom of God. I can’t stand it when I see Scripture used sloppily or when someone treats their faith any less than an undeserved gift, or God as any less than the majestic Sovereign that He is. I believe it’s our responsibility as Christians to break chains, destroy ceilings, level walls. Sometimes that means defending what God has made known to be right and pure for thousands of years, and sometimes that means challenging the constructs of a weak and artificial faith we’ve invented for our own safety.

I capitalize personal pronouns referring to God and most scripture is used from the Holman Christian Standard Bible (HCSB).