Journaling to Blogging

I had journaled off and on since I was a teenager but never stayed dedicated to it. Then in 2012 a series of experiences starting with a tragic death forced me to rethink everything and face life in a completely different way. So I started journaling every day and I’m so glad I did.

I never knew the peace that comes from disciplined journaling. Through it, you take unresolved emotions and understand them. Put them to rest, act on them, make intelligent decisions. You settling things in your heart and your mind. You begin to understanding yourself with a clarity of thought you didn’t realize you could have. You find yourself at peace with God and where He has you. Your relationship with Him is magnified because you suddenly have a tremendous amount to talk with Him about.

I’ve grown to enjoy it but you can only do so much expression in a journal. Journaling is private and your thoughts and musings aren’t shaped and cut by public exposure or discourse.

Let’s go!

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Author: Bob Miller

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