Moving Mountains

Many of us have heard that we can do amazing things with just the right amount of faith. Mustard seeds and all that. Mountains moving. In fact, Jesus says so Himself!

I assure you: If anyone says to this mountain, ‘Be lifted up and thrown into the sea,’ and does not doubt in his heart, but believes that what he says will happen, it will be done for him. (Mark 11:23 HCSB)

Who can actually make a mountain move? 

I can only imagine what it would do to the tectonic plates. Or to the oceans that we cast the mountains into. Imagine the global tidal waves! What about the oceanic currents??! Imagine what it would do to the environment and local economy if we place Pike’s Peak square in the center of Kansas. Besides, there are so many Christians in this third millennium that there aren’t enough mountains for all of us to throw around.

Now let’s be serious. We know Jesus wasn’t speaking about literal mountains. You don’t have to be some great biblical scholar or some fantastic exegetical genuis to know this. Jesus spoke in parables all the time. It’s easy for us to understand things when compared to other things that are familiar. Jesus was speaking about mountains in life, obstacles of such incredible weight and might that without faith in Him we simply cannot move.

My wife and I recently had to trust God would move a mountain. Actually, several. It was when we were trying to adopt our baby daughter. We knew His will for us. He supernaturally, instantly, placed the desire in our hearts. God’s will was clearly laid out for us. We had prayed through it. We had already seen God move miraculously and simply, in huge ways and in tiny ways. But then we got to an obstacle so large, no amount of determination could overcome.

There was a huge mountain in the way and it was not budging.

It is one thing to say that you are expecting the will of God to move and if He doesn’t then we were wrong. Or maybe we just aren’t praying it through. Maybe we aren’t fasting it through. Maybe we aren’t pursuing the right things. And so God holds off on the blessing or gift He has promised because He expects you to grow in the process, in the journey to the promise. But this wasn’t one of those times. We knew this mountain had to move – and quickly – for His will do be done. And we were confident about this will. But between us and His will was this mountain of incredible proportions.

So we prayed. More than we had before. We fasted. My wife works nights on the weekends which puts our work and family schedules opposite each other. It made it difficult to pray together. So we set aside time when one or the other would sacrifice something valuable – uninterrupted sleep – and we prayed together. We were separated by 25 miles of highway but we were united in the Spirit.

We literally prayed together one evening, in complete faith – we proclaimed in the power of the Holy Spirit, that this mountain be lifted up and thrown into the sea. We prayed this together, united as husband and wife before God. I can’t think of a stronger prayer than a husband and wife truly united and humbled before their Creator.

Before we did these things, before we declared in faith that the mountain had already moved, things were at a standstill. Afterwards, everything changed. Fast.

At first it was a slight budge. Then it was another budge. Then another. Some of the small movements seemed to make things worse. We saw rock slides, we saw trees uprooted. It seemed the mountain settled back down before it would start moving again. The landscape around the mountain changed. The mountain settled again. More rockslides. But then, suddenly, it happened.

The mountain moved. And it was cast into the sea.

Six weeks later we were holding our new adopted baby girl. We can move mountains, in faith, through prayer, and in the humility of knowing it isn’t actually us doing it. If it was us, then it would be easy to have a weak faith for the Enemy to pounce on. No, it’s not us doing it. It’s our Soveriegn God who reigns over all yet cares for the needs of the smallest sparrow.

Note: I actually wrote this blog post February 4, 2014 – a few days before the mountain moved. I wrote it to demonstrate to Him my faith – that if I pray as though it has already happened, then maybe that’s the kind of faith God wants to have as He moves mountains. I’m publishing it now to remind myself of His faithfulness and His incredible power.

Image by Jocelyn Kinghorn used under creative commons license.

Author: Bob Miller

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