The Continuing Horror

The tragedy unfolding in northern Iraq and Syria is continuing to develop. It has become “sticky” in the media thanks to grassroots support, and continues to be in the news despite the passing of Robin Williams and the growing ice bucket challenge. That’s the only good news.

Horror after horror is being reported. Beheadings, home invasions, church destruction, murder, child brutality, and today: public sale of women as slaves and forced circumcision of men.

I’m appalled at all of this. Our church participated with a number of other churches to supply churches in Iraq with the funding needed to provide relief aid and relocation of affected families. It’s all very underground and very hush-hush to protect those involved. We were privileged to help financially, but it all seems so small compared with the actual problem.

The Assyrian International News Agency maintains a timeline of the ISIS occupation in Iraq and it is well worth examining. They keep this document updated and it has headline after headline of human rights violations, persecution and brutality. You’re protected from the violent images of other articles, but I’ll bet your heart is stirred nonetheless.

We have to keep praying, we cannot forget our brothers and sisters in their time of need. It is times like this that show our character as Christians and we owe it to them, to God, and to our faith to persevere in prayer for them.

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Author: Bob Miller

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