We Are N

Though there have been some reports coming out of Iraq for a couple of months now, the persecution of Christians has been vastly under-reported. The ISIS militants are marking the homes of Christians in Mosul and other parts of northern Iraq with the Arabic letter “N,” meaning Nazarene. Jesus.

Yes. Our brothers and sisters are being marked. For persecution.

And they are at this very hour being persecuted, tortured, driven from their homes.

I noticed someone on Twitter had changed their profile picture, but then read a short article on Churchmag that gives all the basics we need to know. So I’m changing all my profile pictures, tagging them with a #WeAreN to show support for these Christians, and then doing the most important thing possible. Something we can all do. A way that only we Christians understand is an actionable work on our part directly for them.


Right now I don’t know of what else to do. But I can certainly do this. Changing the profile picture is normally a small, effortless change to make a statement. Our persecuted brothers and sisters can’t do anything with that. Certainly my profile picture doesn’t relieve their suffering or provide comfort. They need more! They need us to do the most powerful thing we can do right now.


Pray at all times in the Spirit with every prayer and request, and stay alert in this with all perseverance and intercession for all the saints. (Ephesians 6:18 HCSB)

Author: Bob Miller

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